About Us

Cinderella Cheesecake Company is a family owned business that got its beginnings back in 1965 when founder Alfred Rezende moved to Riverside, New Jersey. Shortly after moving across the bridge from South Philadelphia, Mr. Rezende began making chocolate covered bananas and other frozen treats from his small establishment in Riverside, NJ. The business quickly evolved into a bakery making bread, rolls, pies, donuts, danishes and cheesecakes. By the early eighties Cinderella Bakery was so well known for their cheesecakes that Mr. Rezende decided to drop his other products completely and expand his cheesecake operation.

Today Cinderella is still operated by the Rezende family and sells cheesecakes to distributors, restaurants and non-profit groups for fundraisers. In August of 2006 Cinderella Cheesecake Company went online to offer America what the Greater Philadelphia area already knows as one of the most delicious cheesecakes you will ever eat.
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